Art, Light, and Hope

For a few years now, I find myself and my artwork being inspired by the beauty of light. I love the way that light plays across wet pavement, bright and soft at the edges. I love the way light and shadow dance together across walls in the late afternoon. And I love the way light creates a feeling - the way light allows us to take a deep breath, to rest, to hope. I want the art I create to offer those things as well - a reminder of beauty, an invitation to rest and to hope again.

I truly believe that art in itself can be healing, and that beauty in itself is transformative.

But something that has also been on my heart for quite awhile now is the opportunity to help bring social change in the world through the work that I do. I’ve had a growing passion and interest in finding ways that my art can be a light in darkness both visually and spiritually, and in a very tangible way. And an issue that has been on my heart consistently over the past years is that of human trafficking. It’s something we all know about, but sometimes the problem seems so incredibly vast, we don’t know what to do about it. It seems so systemic, so entrenched in society - it can be paralyzing. And sometimes in my own comfortable life, it’s easy to simply forget about this horrible problem. I definitely don’t claim to have all (or many) of the answers on this issue, or to be incredibly involved yet, but I want to try. I want to do my small part.

So right now, 5% of every purchase that you make from my web shop will go to the fight against human trafficking. Specifically, it will go to an organization called A21. A21 is based in Australia and has headquarters all over the world - including Amsterdam. It excites me to think that what is given will help stop human trafficking in my own community.

A21 has a lot of information about the problem of human trafficking and their solution, as well as stories of awareness, healing, and redemption on their website, Check it out!

Thank you so much for reading, and for joining me in this. Let’s bring light into the world together. Whatever your small part is, whether it is here or somewhere else, and whether or not you really know what you’re doing, play it!