Flowers for Eliagg

My hope for this wall is that it can be a reminder of light and beauty in a dark place for the people who see it. So many people with so many stories will walk through the doors of that office, sit on the cute little chairs in the waiting room and possibly gaze at the wall. I hope that even the simple beauty of flowers will awaken something in them and bring them joy. I hope that it becomes a symbol of a fresh start, of healing, of beauty growing out of ashes. I hope that all my art has this kind of impact - it’s hard to put it into words, really. But I know that art does have power.

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Art, Light, and Hope

I truly believe that art in itself can be healing, and that beauty in itself is transformative.

But something that has also been on my heart for quite awhile now is the opportunity to help bring social change in the world through the work that I do. I’ve had a growing passion and interest in finding ways that my art can be a light in darkness both visually and spiritually, and in a very tangible way. And an issue that has been on my heart consistently over the past years is that of human trafficking.

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