Welcome! I’m Amelia and I’m so glad you’re here!

I create oil and watercolor paintings that are inspired by the beauty of the everyday world around me and filled with light. My desire is to bring the gentle power of light, beauty, and hope into people’s lives through art.

Enjoy exploring my studio - I hope it leaves you feeling refreshed and hopeful!





About Amelia

Amelia is an oil and watercolor artist living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. She loved drawing and creating from a young age, and later decided to continue her education in the arts at Iowa State University. After a couple years of working for a non-profit organization after university, Amelia knew she needed to pursue her passion for creating and for helping other people to see the beauty around them through art - and so she went for it! She is inspired by the way ordinarily beautiful things in the world (like tram tracks, country roads, and sunlit paths) can bring hope and light, and she loves filling people’s lives with what she sees and creates.